Digital City
A place to meet, share, chat, take a note, even play a game together. Also a place to learn anything beneficial from reliable sources, and many more.
Book Center
Books for everyone!
Quran Center
A place to learn Islam Holy Book (Al-Qur'an) with memorizing, taking note, and coloring features, translation by words / verse along with pronunciation.
Chat Room
A place to chat with all citizens you are connected with, create a group / multi-chat and invite your friends, manage chatting topic with channel feature.
Town Square
A place to meet new people, know more about them, see their status / activities, follow and interact with them, or join communities which fit you.
Writing Corner
A place to train your writing skill, make a story / book / novel, invite people to review / edit / help you finish your writing, share and let people see your art work.